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What is Morris Dancing?

Morris dancing is a type of English folk dancing typically danced in sets of six or eight, using props such as handkerchiefs and sticks. The dancers will dance different figures making various patterns. There are several different styles of dancing that fall under the Morris umbrella; the most well known are the Cotswold, Border, and North-West styles. It is believed that Morris dancing originated in the 14th century and is akin to dancing performed by the Moors of northern Africa (Moorish dancing). It is also understood that anyone providing a history of Morris dancing is probably a liar and should not be believed anyway.

Who are Belswagger Morris?

Belswagger Morris formed in 1990 at the Metropole Hotel in Toowoomba, and are now based entirely in Brisbane, Queensland. We dance the Costwold style of Morris, covering a number of different traditions within that style. Belswagger performs at various folk festivals, cultural festivals, and harvest festivals throughout South-East Queensland, most notably at the Woodford Folk Festival and the National Folk Festival.

Along with our dancers, we have a hard working and dedicated team of musicians who deserve a special mention, as without them none of this would be possible. Belswagger always dances to live music, as the interplay between musicians and dancers enhances the overall performance, and generally makes it more fun.

Belswagger Morris practice weekly along with Ragged Band Morris on Wednesdays at 18.30 at the Red Hill Community Sports Club who generously allow us to use their facilities. If you are interested in coming along and having a go, be that dancing or playing music, please feel free to contact us.